- Champion of Russia (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2024)
- Winner of the Champions League (2014)
- Winner of the Club World Championship (2014)
- Winner of the Russian Cup (2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021)
- Winner of the Russian Super Cup (2020, 2022)
- Winner of the CEV Cup (2017)
- Silver medalist of the Russian Championship (2017, 2018)
- Silver medalist of the Russian Cup (2011, 2013, 2015)
- Bronze medalist of the Champions League (2012)
- Bronze medalist of the Russian Cup (2018)
- Bronze medalist of the Russian Championship (2021)
- Silver medalist of the All-Russian Spartakiad (2022)
- Bronze medalist of the Centenary Cup (2023)

Professional women's team Kazanochka was established in Kazan in September 2002. In the shortest time it made its way from the first league to the Super League of the Russian championship. In the early years the team was led by Eduard Semennoy and playing coach Julia (Bubnova) Khamitova. But it was Peter Khilko who had made the big time of the team which became part of volleyball elite. Kazanochka was considerably reinforced before the debut in the Super League. Olga Nikolaeva – silver medalist of 2004 Olympic Games in Athens – was one of the team newcomers at the time.

The first victory ever in the Super League was won by Kazan team in the second round. They outplayed Balakovo NPP team in a home match. In the quarterfinal Kazanochka was defeated by Dinamo from Moscow-area region. In the season of 2006/2007 Kazanochka made it to the Final Four of the Russian championship and owing to that won a ticket to the European Cups. In the semifinal the team lost 0:3 to the future champion – Dinamo Moscow. In Final Four of the Russian Cup that was held in Kazan, Kazanochka also took the fourth place having lost to CSKA Moscow in the semifinal and to above-mentioned Dinamo Moscow in the match for the third place.

Just before the start of 2007/2008 season, the major sponsor abandoned the club. Until the very beginning of that season the very existence of the team had been called into question, but they still managed to save it. Kazanochka made its debut on the European arena in December matches against Danish Holte, but they failed to qualify for the 1/8 finals having lost to Romanian Unica. In April Kazanochka tumbled out of the Russian Super League. Women's team being on the vanishing point was taken under patronage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan and personally its Minister, Asgat Safarov. The team was given a new name – Dinamo KAZAN – and Andrei Lebedev became its head coach. He was one of those who originated men's professional team in Kazan at the time. He brought the team back to the elite top division.

In the off season they changed the head coach of the Kazan team which returned to the Super League after a year break. The successor of Andrei Lebedev was 36-year-old Rishat Gilyazutdinov. After having failed the start of the Regular Championship (six defeats in eight matches) and having missed qualifying for Final Four of the National Cup, Kazan team then began to play consistently and steadily scored points edging the tournament leaders. In November, the team line-up was reinforced by American Jordan Larson, who immediately became one of the team leaders. In the quarterfinals Kazan team lost (1-2) to future champion of Russia – Zarechye. In summer of 2010, the Kazan club simply blew the transfer market by announcing the signing of a contract with the world level star – Ekaterina Gamova. Apart from her, middle blocker Maria Borisenko, who also returned from Turkey to Russia, the best player of 2010 Russian Championship Tatiana Kosheleva from Zarechye, and one of the best liberos in Russia Ekaterina Kabeshova joined Dinamo Kazan. All these volleyball players performing for the Russian national team, as well as setter Vera Ulyakina, became World Champions in November. After the triumph in Japan, everybody in Kazan expected only victories from Kazan players who made up the core of the national team.

In late January Kazan team won home Final Four of the Russian Cup having defeated Zarechye 3-0 in the semifinals, and leaving no chance to Dinamo Krasnodar in the final – 3-0. The players of Dinamo Kazan won the first trophy in their history, and along with that they got the right to represent Russia in the Champions League the following season. Neither Proton in the quarterfinal, nor Uralochka in the semifinal were trouble for Dinamo Kazan. In the first final match against Dinamo Moscow the winners of the Regular Championship were losing 0-2, but managed to come from behind and won a reassuring victory. That spectacular comeback inspired Kazan volleyball players and discouraged Moscow team. The next day, the mentees of Rishat Gilyazutdinova won 3-0 and then having won 3-1 in Moscow, Dinamo Kazan made it golden double by adding the gold medals of the Championship to the previously won Russian Cup.

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