Lost without motivation
Date: 4 February 2021, 15:29
Source: Press service Dinamo-Ak Bars
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Lost without motivation
Having lost the chances of getting to playoff, in the second match of the Champions League group stage second tour, Dinamo Ak-Bars got swept by the hosts from the Polish Chemik.
The Russians’ loss from the Italian team at the tournament start made the remaining two matches senseless for the competition. Meanwhile a victory in this game was extremely important for their rivals from Poland, as it allowed them to challenge the Italians in the fight for the first place in group Е. Accordingly, the difference in motivations of the two teams was apparent.
Even though at first Dinamo launched the strongest six players, already as early as in the middle of the first set, Rishat Gilyazutdinov withdrew foreign players from the court, and the Russian team continued to play, being comprised by half of its younger team.
Thus, it was not surprising that the highly-motivated Polish players rather soon captured the initiative in the first set – 14:10. However, it was not very easy for them to cope even with the younger Kazan ladies. For instance, at 24:20 set point, after Anna Kotikova’s serve Dinamo not only rallied after falling behind but also won its set point – 24:25. Later though, in the tense close fight, the more experienced Polish players appeared to be stronger.
In the next set, the young Kazaners managed to gain a lead, blocking the Polish team leaders – 9:13. However, then the Chemik’s coach Ferhat Akbaş managed to break the Russians’ spirit with a timeout. The hosts caught up with Dinamo at Olga Strantzali’s serve – 13:13. Trying to fix the problems, the young Kazaners began to fuss and made mistakes, just aggravating the situation – 22:18. Unfortunately, they did not manage to repeat the “miracle at set point” in that set.
Still, the fight went on – 8:7 at the beginning of the third set. Nevertheless, young players from Kazan apparently got tired. Combined with the absence of the tournament motivation, it was almost a doom. The energy of the Russians’ attacks dipped; there were numerous mistakes and block touches – 21:14. As a result, the Polish team had rather few problems winning the third set, and the whole match alongside with it.
Champions League. 4th round. Group E. 2nd tour.
Chemik – Dinamo Ak-Bars - 3:0 (28:26, 25:20, 25:17)
3 February. Poland. Police. Hala ZS im. I. Lukasiewicza
Referee: Szabo P. (Hungary). Match time: 1.21 (30+27+24).
Chemick: Grajber – С (5), Kowalewska (2), Kakolewska (11), Brakocevic (14), Wasilewska (11), Strantzali (13) – starting line-up, Maj-Erwardt (libero), Lukasik, Medrzyk.
Dinamo: Koroleva (3), Fabris (3), Bricio (2), Statrseva – С (2), Kadochkina (15), Konovalova (7) – starting line-up, Podkopaeva (libero), Kotikova (6), Popova (1), Fedorovtseva (10).
Points – 78:63, serve – 1:2, spike – 48(45%):39(36%), block – 7:8, reception – 66%:48%, errors – 13:19.
(Statistics by “Dinamo Ak Bars” coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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Lost without motivation